Dirty Dogs

A biker leaves the Dirty Dogs Roadhouse in Golden, Colorado

Yes, I am that guy across the street every so often pointing a camera at you as you leave Dirty Dogs. Or maybe you saw me on the roof doing a time lapse for Memorial Day weekend. No worries. I have worked out an agreement with Dirty Dogs Roadhouse in Golden, Colorado. On some Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, you might see me set up across the street from the Roadhouse when bikers are leaving. As riders leave, I will be taking photos of them with the building and sign in the background. Bikers will then have the option to head to the gallery listed below and purchase photo prints of themselves on their bikes.

I will typically. be focusing on special group ride events at Dirty Dogs, and will be taking photos there also, with a portion of any proceeds going to the charity or fund that they are promoting with that ride. However, you may see me walking around during other events, and if you want your photo taken, please grab me.

On top of that, if you are interested in more than just a shot of you leaving Dirty Dogs, I am scheduling photo shoots for people with cars or bikes. Think of it as a fun family photo with your classic bike, custom bike, or collector car. To schedule a shoot and waive the sitting fee, please use this EMAIL link to contact the photographer. You can also use the previous contact link if you have a group of riders or club that want a group and individual session. All photos will be viewable and purchasable online.

Please click on the following link to view the different galleries.

Dirty Dogs Photo Galleries

If you do not want your photo included in the galleries, please copy the url of your photo and email that information to the Photographer and within 24 hours your photo will be removed.

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