Dirty Dogs Roadhouse Summer of Music

The band Fireball performs on the main stage at Dirty Dogs Roadhouse in Golden, Colorado

Following the 2020 Covid-19 shutdowns and reduced hours, 2021 felt a little more normal as people were able to head back out to their favorite watering holes and hear live music. For Golden, Colorado, Dirty Dogs Roadhouse is one of the most popular and unique of these watering holes, and they were back.

One of the best shows of the summer, and it was early in the season, was given by the band Fireball, pictured above. Unfortunately, the band has since broken up, but hopefully the lead singer will find a new group because she absolutely stole the show.

Quite a few events went on through the summer, including Grunge Fest, and another memorable performance by the all female Led Zeppelin cover band, Les Zeppelin. They have played multiple times at Dirty Dogs, so, there is a very good chance they will be back next summer to rock the house down again.

Dirty Dogs Roadhouse
MARLAIN ANGELIDES sings as STEPH PAYNES shreds during a show at Dirty Dogs Roadhouse in Golden, CO

During summer months, Dirty Dogs Roadhouse has a lot of great music just about every night, which moves inside during colder months, including karaoke on Tuesday nights. However, not just cover bands or local artist show up to play at the Golden, Colorado venue. This summer, Molly Hatchet returned to the stage at Dogs and rocked the house!

Molly Hatchet on stage at Dirty Dogs Roadhouse

Dirty Dogs Roadhouse
Molly Hatchet rocks during a summer performance at Dirty Dogs Roadhouse

Of course, Dirty Dogs is more than just music. Great food, great people, and great events from rides and contests throughout they year. Check them out!

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