She Did It.

And I predicted it.  But I did not know for sure until the final pitch thrown in the 2010 MLB World Series.  The World Series?  What does baseball have to do with a senate race?  What do the San Francisco Giants have to do with an Alaskan senator?  Well, more than you know.  The San Francisco Giants beat the Texas Rangers in the fall classic to win their first World Series in San Francisco.  The last time the Giants won the World Series they were the New York Giants and they beat the Cleveland Indians.  The year was 1954.  56 years ago.  56 years ago the late Strom Thurmond won a write in election for US Senate in South Carolina.  No one else has ever mounted a successful write in campaign for US Senate since then, until Lisa Murkowski beat the Sarah Palin backed, Tea Party candidate, Joe Miller.

The photos here are of Senator Murkowski as she campaigned during the Eagle River Bear Paw parade in July of 2010.

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