Senior Photos Coming To An End

Wow, the weather moves in quickly.  It seems like the Alaska State Fair just ended…wait, it did just end.  Oh well.  We are 5 weeks into the football season with 3 games left in the regular season.  School has been in session for a couple weeks, and the weather is starting to go south…ok, I know, it never went north this summer.  It teased us a few times, but after 30+ days in a row of rain, wouldn’t it be nice to have at least a week of sun?  But, with September here, we are now in a crunch time.  We know it snuck up on you.  It snuck up on all of us.  But the leaves have already started to change color, and are starting to blow off the trees.  It is time to make those last minute appointments for Senior Photos.  I will be wrapping up this years senior photo sessions at the end of September unless the weather cooperates, we might go into October, but do not count on that.  Check the Senior Portraits Page for details and to book a session.

I just finished editing some from a fun session.  I could not have asked for better seniors than the Dearborn twins.  Well….one forgot another pair of pants, so he was stuck in dress slacks for the whole shoot, but talk about fun.  Here are some samples from their shoot.

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