Senior Photos – Laramie

Laramie Senior Photo

Laramie Senior Photo

Last Minute Senior Portraits

So, while I am planning on my 2011 Senior Portraits, pre scheduling kids for this summer, I get a message on Facebook from a 2010 senior still needing her senior photos taken.  After rescheduling due to a blizzard, and a couple other missed opportunities, we were finally able to get together to take some last minute photos.  Usually shooting seniors outside, during the warm summer months, we tackled 35 degree temperatures by shooting at her school.  This gave me some fun places where she has spent most of her last 4 years, plus in Alaska, being able to hop outside and still have power for my strobes in the later hours of the day worked out nice.  We shot for a couple hours covering basic portraits, fun sports outfits for bowling and softball, some cap and gown shots, and some fun outdoor shots including the yearbook shot above and some snowboard shots.

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