2013 High School Basketball – Chatfield at Ralston Valley

So, after my 7D started acting up the night before at the Buffaloes game, I followed instructions found on the web on other peoples fixes, and then I headed over to Ralston Valley high school to shoot the top ranked Chatfield varsity basketball game against RV.

As soon as I set up my strobes (I bounced for this game) I went down to the court and near the end of the JV game, shot the 7D under ambient light and did not get one error 30 like the night before.  Hopefully things are ok now with the camera.



When I took the shot above, I was pretty stoked, and then I found out a few days later that it was chosen by Maxpreps as one of the top shots of the week.  It can be seen HERE on the Maxpreps website.


I bounced my strobes for this game because I wanted to get better light coverage at the hoop.  One of the RV players had a dunk a few games earlier, and because of where my strobes were, the ball, his hands and the rim were hit with shadows.  However, as much as the light coverage was better, I still prefer direct strobes, and went back to it for the next game at Ralston Valley.  One benefit of bouncing, I had coverage of the baseline and I was able to shoot the cheerleaders too.


This was a big game for Ralston Valley.  The Chatfield Chargers are in first place in the Jeffco league, and Ralston Valley has been on a pretty good win streak as of late.  This had all the makings for a really good game, and it was.  In the first quarter, the Chargers outscored the home Mustangs 21-15 after Ralston Valley had jumped out to an early lead in the first.




The second quarter was a bit closer, but the Chargers held off the Mustangs, out scoring the home team by one point to take a 39-32 half time lead.


After halftime was over, the roles reversed and Ralston Valley took it to the Chargers, out scoring the visiting team from Chatfield 15 to 12 in the third quarter and only trailed by 4 going into the final regulation frame.


Trailing Chatfield by 4 points at the start of the 4th, Ralston Valley would out score the Chargers 14-10 in the quarter and force over time.  The gym at Ralston Valley was a rockin’.


But, in the extra frame, Chatfield went off.  They scored 7 unanswered points to start off the extra time, and went on to score 18 and hold Ralston Valley scoreless until halfway through the extra 4 minutes.  The Mustangs had 2 of their top players foul out, and they could only put up 7 points for a total of 68 points against Chatfield’s 79 points.



To view and purchase photos from this game, please visit my game gallery at Maxpreps.

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