2013 High School Wresting – Arvada West Varsity Invitational

Wow!  Did I bite off more than I could chew.  Arvada West was hosting a 16 team Varsity Wrestling Invitational Tournament, and I thought, wow, 16 teams….lots of sales through Maxpreps!.  So I headed over to Arvada West and walked into the gym.  I got there a little late, so I had to set my strobes up with kids asleep on the bleachers while they waited for the meet to start.  I had no idea what was to come.  Lets just say, I was expecting it to go until 1 or 2pm…it was scheduled to start at 8:30am, and it went until past 8pm.  After 1300 photos I left around 2pm.  I needed at least 2 more shooters there with me.  Actually, there were 5 mats with matches going one right after another, I could have used 4 more shooters.  Maybe next year Maxpreps would want to be a sponsor of this invitational and we bring in 4 or 5 shooters.  Todd?  What do you think?  In chatting with the organizers, even a $100 sponsorship would be more than welcome.

Anyway, here are the photos.  I set myself up so I could try to shoot all five mats from one location, and it worked for a little while until people started sitting between the mats.

13aw-tourny-wres-0001 13aw-tourny-wres-0002 13aw-tourny-wres-0003 13aw-tourny-wres-0004 13aw-tourny-wres-0005 13aw-tourny-wres-0006 13aw-tourny-wres-0007 13aw-tourny-wres-0008 13aw-tourny-wres-0009 13aw-tourny-wres-0010

To view or purchase photos from this meet, please visit my Maxpreps Gallery for the meet.


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