A New Season of Hoops Begins

High School Basketball is back. Last night I shot the return of High School Hoops in the Eagle River High School gym with a boy’s C-Team and JV match up against Bartlett.

Both games resulted in a loss for Eagle River, but both teams played great games.  The Wolves C-Team looked great.  Better than many of the previous C-Teams I have witnessed.  Near the end of the game, they were actually running some of their plays as well as some Varsity squads I have seen.

It was not until the late moments of the game the the Bartlett C-Team overtook the Wolves and captured the victory, but the ERHS C-Team should be very proud of the way they played.

The JV game started very different to the C-Team game.  Bartlett jumped out to a lead early in the first quarter and took about a 7 point lead into the locker room at halftime.

But the Wolves, who did not look too bad in the first half came out fighting.  Some key baskets and some steals that resulted in break away layups chipped away at the Bartlett lead.

In the 4th quater, the JV Wolves were up by around 7 points.  It looked like the Wolves were going to get the win, but then Bartlett made some key shots, steals, and free throws, and regained the lead.  With less than a minute to go, the Wolves were down by as much as 7 points, but with .9 seconds on the clock, they were only down by 1, and after a bad inbounds play by Bartlett, due to tough Wolves defense, Eagle River found themselves with the ball under their basket with .8 seconds to go.  Unfortunately for the Wolves, their inbound pass did not bounce their way and they were unable to get a shot off, but like the C-Team, they played a great game.

My goal this season is to have a recap (more detailed than this post) of the Varsity boys and girls games with images, and quite possibly some sounds of the game.  In the pictures above, I shot with a Canon 7D, 70-200 2.8 lens and a 24-70 2.8 lens.  I used 4 Alien Bee 800 strobes mounted in the upper track area firing two strobes at the ceiling lighting up half of the court.  The strobes were triggered with Pocket Wizards.  This set up allowed me to shoot at 1/250th and f4 at ISO 800.  This game I set my strobes up differently than in years past, and I was not entirely happy with the results and will tweak it for tonights game.  Last year with the same strobes, I was able to shoot as low as ISO 200.  So, I will soon be off to the gym for another night of hoops as the girls C-Team and Varsity team takes on Colony from Palmer.

Another post that will be coming soon will be on how I set up my strobes for basketball.  Watch for that coming later this season.

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