Bartlett Enters The Wolves Den

Ok.  I will start off this post by saying that one ref last night really surprised me.  He did his best to keep the game flowing and overturned a few of the other officials calls that were wrong, both ways.  But because of only one complaint I have received about my comments of the officials, that is all I will say about that subject.

The Wolves entered the game not at 100 percent.  Seniors Nate Yaw and three point specialist Kyle Taylor were both suffering from colds, and the overzealous press and swarming, physical defense from Bartlett were just too much for the Wolves.

Senior Dominic Young and Junior Kelechi Madubuko tried their best to keep the Wolves in the game, but it was just not enough as Bartlett would go on to hand the Wolves a 89 to 55 loss.

Dom Young floats a shot over the Bartlett defense

Two things that I saw as bright spots for the Wolves really stood out last night to me.  One was the play of Young.  In previous seasons, I wanted to close my eyes as Young would drive into the lane and attempt various circus shots, trying everything short of finger rolling a shot off of his toes (toe roll?).  This year, the circus shots are still there, but they are much more reserve, a little smarter, and Young is distributing the ball very well, almost to a dribble drive level.  And when he does enter the lane for a shot, they are safer shots.  And it shows by the trips to the free throw line.

Young lays a shot up against Bartlett

The second thing that stood out to me, which is a continuation from the West game, is the leaping ability of junior Kelechi Madubuko.  During a fast break in the first half last night, Young was bringing the ball up court, and just a few steps past the half court line, he launched a leading pass to Madubuko who came out of no where to grab it and lay it in for a spectacular ally-oop.

Kelechi Madubuko lays in a ally-oop toss from Dominic Young

And the photo above makes me say it again…..Why is Kelechi not dunking the ball.  This kid has hops that the gym can hardly contain.  After the game, in talking with Madubuko, he was shocked to hear he was so high on the ally-oop, Dom Young even said he could have dunked it.  When Kelechi gets his first rim rocker, the gym, the team, everyone is going to erupt!.

Kelechi Madubuko finger rolls a shot up against Bartlett late in the game

And again, a call to the ERHS Students, teachers, parents, friends.  Get out to the games.  It does not need to be a ERHS vs Chugiak game to get you out to support the Wolves.  The wins will come with your help.  It was really good seeing some of the Varsity coaching staff for football, lead by Coach Ray, and JV football/Varsity Baseball Coach Reeves, Volleyball varsity Coach Katie, and other ERHS sports represented last night, but really, there was only a handfull of people there.  I challenge the basketball C-Team players, both boys and girls, and the JV players, to be at the home games, drag your parents, brothers and sisters, friends.  Get those seats filled.  ERHS Hockey, Wrestling, Volleyball, Cross Country, Football….get into the gym.  A lot of these players came out to your games, it is time to return the favore.  Help make the Wolves Den a hard place for visiting teams to play in.

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