Jeffco Boys Varsity Swim Meet – Meyer’s Pool

So, I have not shot swimming a lot.  In fact, Prior to shooting Missy Franklins return to the pool back a few months ago, It had been at least 5 years since my camera was anywhere near a pool.  One of the main reasons I do not shoot swimming often is the humidity.  Especially on cold days, going into a pool may end your shooting early, before the meet gets started, or may end any other shoots after the meet.  Humid conditions of pools can cause your lenses and camera to get condensation on them, making it impossible to use your gear until it dries out.

Another reason I do not like shooting swim meets is because pools are typically very dark places.  Requiring flash, strobes, or super fast/expensive gear.  Now, if I had a 1DX and a 200mm f2.0 IS lens, I probably would not complain about how dark the pool is, but when you have to shoot at ISO 3200 or higher just to get 1/500th of a second, and are restricted on when you can use your flash (not during starts, not during diving), it can be a bummer.

The other reason I really do not like shooting swim meets is because of the amount of people .  Pools can have very limited space on the deck, and with teams, coaches, parents, officials, timers, and who knows who else will be wandering around.  Trying to find a location you are not in the way of the officials or timers, not in a position to fall into the pool, or finding a place that you are not blocking the spectators.

Oh, and the water everywhere.  You are going to get soaked, from sitting on a wet deck, to being splashed by the swimmers in the pool, to the humidity.

That all being said, very close to where I live on Friday night was a Jeffco League swim meet for the boys.  So I headed over to shoot it for MaxPreps.  Wow…all my fears in one place.  Dark pool, water splashing everywhere, overly crowded, and super humid.

Let’s see if I can remember the schools that were there.  Lakewood was hosting, I believe, Ralston Valley, Arvada West, Pomona, Wheat Ridge, Green Mountain, Columbine, Conifer, D’Evelyn, um….and two other schools.  Lots of teams.  I have not heard who won the meet yet, and I have not seen any results, so, just enjoy some photos.

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So, unless I get a request, I doubt I will shoot swimming again for a long time.

To view and purchase photos from this meet, please visit MaxPreps.


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