A New Season, A New Look Girls Team

Last year I started recapping Eagle River Wolves Boys basketball.  I did not recap the girls games because, well, to be honest, it was hard to find anything positive to write about game after game.  There were a few moments, and a few players, but it just was painful to try to write about 40 and 50 point losses game after game.  So, I focused only on the boys.

This season is different though.  The girls first CIC game was Friday night against South.  I was expecting more of the same from the previous two years.  Boy was I wrong.  The girls on the floor this season came to play.  Yes, they still lost, but it was a game.  Eagle River was up by 14 points at one point.  It actually was loud in the gym while the girls were playing, where in previous years, you could hear a pin drop.

Freshman Lauren Frost shoots a jumper over the South defense.

The Lady Wolves were lead by freshman Lauren Frost.  The addition of Frost really showed the potential the other ladies have.  Returning players Dana Panfil and Meaghan Byman really benefitted from the ball handling of Frost, and in the South game, Frost would pull two defenders to her and was able to get the ball to open players for open looks at the hoop.

Panfil, who showed last year that she had some skills, was hampered with 3 fouls quickly in the first quarter, and fouled out 11 seconds into the 3rd quarter.  It was not her fault though.  (Here it comes David!)  The refs really were horrid during the girls game.  At least 2 of the fouls called on Dana were a joke, and when a girl (South player) catches a ball, dribbles it twice, picks it up, then dribbles again and scores, it does not count.  That is called a double dribble.  It is a violation, and the other team gets the ball.  When it happens right in front of you, you blow the whistle to stop the play.  The entire gym booing at you should have given you your first hint.

Senior Meaghan Byman runs a play against South

Another varsity returning player that continued her good play from last year was Sam Coy.  Sam crashed the boards, and attacked the hoop the whole game.  It looked like she has matured as a player too.  I expect good things from Sam this year.

Sam Coy heads to the basket for a lay up vs South

Panfil was not the only player to show range from the outside.  Frost also showed some outside range, and returning player Mikayla Douglas also showed she is a threat from outside the arc.

Mikayla Douglas fires a shot over the South defense

The Lady Wolves had this game.  But after a 5 point play by South (foul on a three point attempt and a technical foul for 6 Wolves on the floor) the momentum swung to the Wolverines.  Eagle River may have lost 65 to 55, but that 55 points was unexpected by me, and if the girls play like this all season, watch out Cook Inlet Conference.  The Eagle River Lady Wolves are no longer an automatic win….these girls are here to play!

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