Possible Digital Photography Workshop

I am considering putting together a workshop for after high school football season is over.  If there is interest in coming to it, please let me know.

My idea for this first workshop would be something on the order of – “Introduction to Digital Photography”

I am thinking about a 3 hour workshop, with it broken down like this:

Part 1: Getting the best possible image out of your camera.  You may hear the phrase, fix it later in photoshop.  This is like chalk on a blackboard to me.  Every image you take with a digital camera needs processing.  Some cameras do it for you, but most, you need to process it yourself, but before you start, you want to make sure the photos you are starting with are right straight out of the camera.  So this part I would be talking about the settings of most cameras, aperture, shutter speed, focusing, composition, etc.

Part two: basic digital processing:  Everything from basic exposure correction and color correction to how to sharpen, when to sharpen, what is sharpen, etc. and how not to ruin a good photo in Photoshop by over processing it.

Part three: Presenting your photos.  Whether you are putting pictures up on Facebook, emailing photos to friends and family, or printing out photos to hang on your wall, I will cover the basics to make them look as good as you can when you are finished.

You would be urged to bring your camera gear, a laptop computer, and some unprocessed photos (can be of anything you like that can be shown to a large group of people ranging in age from high schoolers up to senior citizens).  You need some sort of photo editing software.  Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperture, or a combination of the the three or something else (iPhoto, Paintshop, MS Photo).  While the programs are different, a lot of the basic editing tools are very similar.

Price for the workshop would be $100.  If you are interested, please shoot me an email or comment on this post.

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