Facebook Fan Page

Thats right, I have a Facebook Fan Page.  You can click the image to the left to view the page that will be updated often with little posts about shoots, photography related information, and more.  It is not replacing this website or www.digital-eos.com , but will be an enhancement to this site.  You can also like my FB page either by clicking the “Like” on the FB page itself, or you can like it from right here by clicking the “Like” on the upper right hand corner of this page.

While this site will continue to be my home for photography, mainly media, senior photos, and news, and Digital-EOS will remain my high school action photo page, the FB page will be a way to keep in touch with current customers, friends, and potential clients.

Plus, you will see some spectacular images over there that will make you want to come here and see more.

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