Senior Posters – Baseball and Soccer

I really wanted to post these sooner, but I got side tracked with other projects but better late than never.  For high school sports, I work with the booster clubs to do special posters for the seniors that are either presented to them at senior night or at the end of season banquet.  The spring sports season is so short in Alaska, I get one, maybe two games to shoot before I have to start putting the posters together.  Football season and basketball season is much easier to plan for, but baseball and soccer can be real tough.  Here are a couple samples of the posters I did this season.

while it might be hard to see, the posters have a white boarder and are sizes for 16×20 frames.  Most of the time, the boosters have the teammates sign the posters around the white boarder.

Here is a soccer poster from this season.

I really enjoy presenting the boosters with these posters and the seniors and their parents talk to me about the posters all the time.  I had one parent recently tell me that she goes into her sons room while he is away at college just to look at the poster.  If you are interested in having a poster made up for your athlete, even if they are not a senior, please contact me directly for pricing, or if your are a booster member and you would like to do posters for your senior night, please contact me for special booster pricing.

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