Wheeeee!!!! We are back up!!!

Well, after arriving in Denver, I have not done much but look for a car and house.  Looks like I have found a car that I will get tomorrow, but we are still looking for a house.  And of course while I was busy with the home/car search, my website got hacked.  I believe it is all better now, at least I am up and posting again.  Have not had a chance to take many pictures yet, but once I have my car and can start moving around on my own a bit, you will see a lot of pictures.  Coming from Alaska where a moose or bear in your driveway is common, the wildlife I have seen here so far has, while being smaller than moose and bear, exciting and fun.  We sit on the front porch of my sisters house and watch eagles circling overhead, herons fly past, and I was chased by a heard of prairie dogs just the other day.  We have dinner on the back porch with jackrabbits, and I am getting a lot of wildlife ideas.

Once I have my car I will start shooting sports too.  I will be at Coors Field soon shooting Rockies games (except for August 1st when we take my mom to a Cardinal game).  I drove by the Bronco’s stadium today with the family on the way to REI.  Wow…lots bigger than the Mustang’s stadium.  Been watching the Colorado pro lacrosse team on TV a lot to get a better understanding of the sport.

High School Shooting will not end either.  I will be meeting up with a MaxPreps writer in the next couple weeks to figure out what we will be doing.  In a 10 mile radius of my sisters house in Arvada, there are almost 40 high schools.  WOW!

For you Eagle River Wolves, I am planning on heading down to Colorado Springs this fall and winter to shoot the Air Force Academy football and wrestling team and word is, Austin Thompson will be trying to walk on to both teams.  For you Chugiak Mustang fans (and ACS fans), Both Matt and Tyler Sullivan will be at Colorado Christian U, and I will make it a point to shoot a few games.  Sully was one of my in a pinch umpires at Knik and Tyler was a unwilling fill in ump for me.

If any of you find yourselves in Denver, look me up!

Oh, and it is HOT here.

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