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Sports Illustrated Surprise

Sports Illustrated Surprise

Last Thanksgiving I shot the Great Alaska Shootout for Icon SMI.  They had asked me to shoot it, and I did, and kind of forgot about it.  Not the games, but working with a wire service, after you shoot, edit, caption and FTP, you are on to the next thing.  Over 4 days, 6 teams, […]

Senior Posters – Baseball and Soccer

Senior Posters - Baseball and Soccer

I really wanted to post these sooner, but I got side tracked with other projects but better late than never.  For high school sports, I work with the booster clubs to do special posters for the seniors that are either presented to them at senior night or at the end of season banquet.  The spring […]

ThinktankPhoto Video and Contest

I have not posted things for a while because I have head the lovely Spring Creeping Crud that is floating around, but I wanted to share this video with you and details of a cool contest my friends at ThinkTankPhoto are putting on. See contest entry info at Some more new posts coming soon….

Could this be the future of photojournalism

Most of us realize that the recent problems with the economy have effected almost every part of our daily lives, and it did not do anything to help the already troubled newspaper business. I have seen for quite some time the failing of newspapers, magazines and print media. From newspapers either cutting back on staff […]

Best Bags Ever

The photographer minds at Think Tank Photo are coming out with a new bag that looks fabulous. No, their bags are not cheap, but they are by far the best photographer bags and accessories you can find. Find out more information on their new bag at Rob Galbraith DPI and check out the other gear […]

A New Look!

For the past 6 years a majority of my photo business has been youth sports, with local little leagues, rec leagues, and high schools. This business has been handled through But a lot of my local customers were unaware that I did anything beyond youth sports. They are surprised to see me sitting baseline […]

Working out Bugs

Working out Bugs

Test post to workout the bugs setting up a new WordPress blog.